Posted by: bwoof | January 6, 2010

What I don’t know…

Today our Director asked all of us adminstrators to take a risk and tell our elbow-partner something that we really don’t know how to do. The Director modelled what he meant when he told us that he honestly doesn’t know what to do about adolescent non-readers. I appreciate his honesty.

So, instead of writing about what I learned today (and I did learn!) I’m going to list a few things that I know nothing about and, at the risk of sounding totally unqualified for my job, will take a risk and just put the ideas down in print. And, if anyone out there can help me find the answers, please let me know. Just add a comment below or contact me personally.

I do not know…

~ how to stop a teen from ruining a co-op job by stealing merchandise in order to feed an addiction

~ how to help a 14-year-old teen whose parent gives not a rip about school and who allows the teen to stay up all night (literally) playing video games so s/he can sleep all day and not come to school

~ how to help teens learn the importance of respecting school and coming on time

~ how to instill hope in a teen who has determined that s/he cannot earn a credit, even though we still have time and extra staff on hand to help

~ how to help a weed-addicted teen get through the afternoon without smoking up

Grateful for:

  • getting to come home early after school…for a change!
  • cell phones and “My 10” favourites list which allow us to talk with our kids in BC
  • Candy Cane icecream, President’s Choice! The the best! Alas, it’s no longer available. 😦
  • Sisters who support each other
  • the Flickr site that shows a lot of cool quotes like the one shown here

Curious about:

  • Wes and his talk tomorrow in front of the guys

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