Posted by: bwoof | January 7, 2010

College football wonky crazy

I’m a US college grad and well remember all the pageantry and pomp and circumstance about almost everything…sports, graduations, marching bands, cheerleaders, school colours, and alma maters. I love it.

But tonight it’s the BCS National Championship and it’s hard to beat Texas vs the Alabama. Tens of thousands of fans in Longhorn orange or Crimson Tide red are in Pasedena and even though I’ve seen the college ball frenzy many times, it still astonishes me that there is such passion about belonging to a certain school.

They are playing Switchfoot, a fav band in my family with a new fav album (Hello Hurricane), and at the same time the TV is focussing on the various family members of the key players, Colt McCoy and Mark Ingram.

You might wonder why I’m plogging about football. Well, this game is a new learning for me and I didn’t even know the game existed. Even as I write I’m learning that it’s pretty well a true national championship with the #1 an #2 seeded teams squaring off against each other.

Too bad, the Texas QB just got hurt. As a parent of an athlete I know all too well what it feels like to see your kid hurt. And to be sure, these are just kids, the same age as my own.

Uh oh, the backup QB is also hurt. It will be an interesting night.

Grateful for:

  • my three kids, one son-in-law and assorted wonderful close friends of theirs who bring me great joy
  • Swiss Chalet coupons
  • reports that our totally revamped Gr 9 math culminating activity went well yesterday
  • W’s good talk this a.m. with the men’s group

Curious about:

  • is it possible to break an addiction to weed? Seriously…can it be done? how? And what supports can the school offer to teens in this situation?


  1. I’m wondering what you’re grateful for… and what you’re curious about.

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