About Me

When people learn that I’m a Principal of a multi-cultural, urban, Ontario Canada high school, they frequently say things like this:

“Oh, you’re the one who has to do all that discipline for all those bad kids, right?”

“How do you manage all the distractions of a digital world?”


curiosity creativity possibilities - by Rich HockneyLearning is what I see first in my students, our teachers, and most of all in myself. While it is common for my days to include challenging personal, academic, or behaviour situations, there is always an opportunity to learn and that’s what I love doing most. I love learning and I love seeing others learn.

In my district we had a motto that said “All students achieving full potential” and it’s a vision, a preferred future, that I actually believe in. And our new motto is shown here: Curiosity, Creativity, Possibilities. It works!

I am an educator by choice and a learner by design. And I invite you to learn with me in this PLOG (personal learning log) which has been around since 2009.

Julie Powell and Sheena Matheiken are my blogging muses and inspired me to, like them, attempt to archive my learning for a full year a long time ago at the beginning of the school year 2009-2010 [which I actually accomplished with only one or two exceptions]. Julie blogged and cooked her way through The Art of French Cooking and there’s even a 2009 summer movie made about her. And on the day I started this plog, Sheena was on Day 130 of her year-long-one-dress adventure. Yes…just one dress worn differently for 365 days! She’s creative, bright, socially pro-active, and a bit of a cultural renegade who’s not afraid to think on her own. I like that.

DSC02460When I’m not at school or thinking about education, I am a wife, mother, daughter, sister, and friend. I love the night sky, birds (especially peregrines), long tangling discussions, canoe trips and remote locations, and, of course learning! Paragraphs such as this are so lame for explaining who a person really is , so I won’t waste bytes telling things that are possibly only aberrations of my own perception.

However, you are invited to plog along with me and then make up your own mind about who I am and whether I’m a learner or not.

Beth Woof



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