Posted by: bwoof | January 5, 2010

Wordle! Very cool tool!

Melinda is part of my personal learning network and just about every time we chat I learn something new, often about math. Just ask the math teachers at my school.

But tonight I learned a way too cool tool from Melinda. It’s called WORDLE and it’s a place online where you can paste a body of text into a box and WORDLE will deliver back a visual ‘cloud’ showing the words that are most often used. My own tag cloud to the right of this screen is sort of the same idea.

Or, at WORDLE you can also ask it to look at Delicious bookmarks. I have such an account and bookmark/tag all my websites out there so that I can access my favs from anyplace online, not just from my laptop.

So, I tried sending WORDLE out to my Delicious account and look what it brought back. Take a guess…what am I thinking about these days?

Grateful for:

  • it’s been exactly one year since Grandma came to live with us…it’s been a year of incredible learning and change
  • friends in my personal learning network
  • Krista and Laura getting to spend time together tonight

Curious about:

  • staffing formulae and how to keep everything organized in the midst of flux
  • how do you help runaways earn credits?
  • what’s  the best price for flights and car rentals at March Break?

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