Posted by: bwoof | October 11, 2016

Trump Clinton

With considerable dismay and disdain, I watch the ongoing presidential election race unfurl south of the border. Never before in history has such a debacle with so much rancor and loathsome behaviours beset upon our senses. The lockerroom talk wrangles even the most coarse and unfazed spirits to rile in condeming astonishment. This can’t be true….it can’t!

But it is.

Enough said.

Grateful for:

  • Canadian health care, despite the disparaging slams by Trump
  • Canadian election systems which, at most, run a few weeks with minimal acrimony and maximum harmony
  • Canadian metric system which is easy to follow and honours patterns around the globe
  • Canadian education system and appropriate standards-based tests
  • Canadian tax laws which are firm but sensible
  • Canadian decorum and genuine exhuberance during Blue Jay ball games and other public events

Curious about:

  • how good might come of the travesty of locker room degrading comments about women
  • how much of a margin Hillary will have on Nov 8th
  • how many ‘defectors’ will leave Trump and perhaps even the Republican party
  • how can I help a big department in my school make forward movement in learning and thinking




  1. I wonder if Trump has ever been inside a locker room…he’s not exactly an athletic type. Excusing his own disgusting comments by referring to them as “locker room talk” is offensive to all our good men who have spent countless hours in locker rooms, somehow managing to avoid comments like Trump’s…

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