Posted by: bwoof | August 22, 2016

Williamston reprise

As a follow-up to my recent trip down memory lane in the small town of Williamston, Michigan, here are some additional learnings I don’t want to forget:

Famous radio shows that my Great Grandfather, True Lincoln Reese (1860-1951), listened to are:

  • Amos and Andy
  • Fibber McGee and Molly
  • Ma Perkins
  • The L-O-N-E Ranger
  • The Shadow Knew

My dad and his friends liked cough drops and Smith Bros. licorice.

My dad and his classmates collected milkweek pods along the schoolyard fence in order to earn a few cents and also support the soldiers who needed lifejackets.

My grandpa raised big white carrots which were a treat for the goats who would get one each per night.  They were fed by lantern light and my dad has wonderful memories of hearing Leila (white coat) and Sally (multi-coloured coat) chew in their delight. There were also two kids named James and Timothy.

My great-aunt Ruth lived in Korea for many years and lived a prim and proper, art-infused life, a long ways away from her humble roots on a farm.

Grateful for:

  • story-tellers
  • memories that allow us to get past the history textbooks

Curious about:

  • how will we go on now that Louis has passed? So sudden! So sad.



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