Posted by: bwoof | August 16, 2016

The ‘dreaded’ August letter to staff

It’s that time of the summer when I think I’m supposed to communicate something intelligent and inspirational to staff. After all, there are only three weeks left before schools starts again!

But, it’s summer, and the Olympics are on, and frankly, no one (myself included) wants to read a letter right now.

So, instead, I have decided to continue my visual learning skills plan. Here’s today’s practice, and I think I’ll send it out soon to others. Maybe it can be followed up later with the requisite and predictable text-heavy letter. Or not.


Sherwood Staff Mid-August letter 2016

Grateful for:

  • Thinking Collaborative and the Cognitive Coaching Foundation course
  • freedom to try and sketch
  • The Olympics — lots of fun watching all the games

Curious about:

  • Will I have enough pluckiness to send out the ‘letter’ above as is? Or will I defer to the traditional formal letter?  Hmm…
  • GAFE summit in October at Crescent School.

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