Posted by: bwoof | August 12, 2016

Same presentation — three different sketch renditions

This past week I was so incredibly pleased to be part of the Technology Enhanced Leading and Learning Institute (#TELL2106). It’s an incredible collaborative event pulled together by Ontario’s three administrator entities, OPC, ADFO, and the Catholic Principals.

Four keynotes (more notes to follow) and several workshops made the two days rich and beautiful with learning.

Anita Simpson gave the closing keynote and at least three of us, Debbie Donsky, Kelly Power, and Beth Woof (that’s me) sketched in live time what we heard and processed. It’s amazing to see how our thinking aligns and also differs. Yes, amazing.

Debbie and Anita do their sketches on paper first, then shift to digital versions. I, on the other hand, start in digital with Paper 53 and then export to other formats including .pdf or printed versions.  All versions are authentic representations of those things that resonated with us as individuals.





Grateful for:

  • Awesome professional learning and professional colleagues
  • Karen and her helpful contributions
  • Kelly and Debbie whom I met for the first time this week and feel as if we are already best-co-learner-friends

Curious about:

  • How much energy does the current heat spell drain from our electrical grid. Today the big towers in Toronto were asked to go offline and use their generators.
  • What must it be like to commute to/from Toronto everyday? Today’s drive, 1 hour on a good day, took 2 1/2 hours!

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