Posted by: bwoof | August 4, 2016

Learning with pre-schoolers

Two and half weeks! Rich learning on every level.

I’m tired….and encouraged. Exhilarated.

Takeaways include:

talkingiconTalk a lot and use real words, even big multi-syllabic words. Little kids get them, use them, understand them, and remember them. And if not, they are good guessers and predictors, true 21st century learners.


walkiconWalk a lot while you’re talking. Stuff happens and you never know what the next serendipitous learning moment will be. The Curriculum of Life will happen in the mini-steps.

questioniconAsk a lot of questions that prompt thinking and limit telling.

For example,”It looks like you built three LEGO towers. What is the same about each one?”

Rather than,“good girl, you are so smart for building three LEGO towers with three blocks each.”

kidsplayingiconPlay a lot (get on the ground or the floor, smash your clock or at least hide it 6′ underground, and don’t look at the dust on the floor while you’re down there. Lose the broom while you’re at it, too).

Grateful for:

  • H, R, L, and R, L and K, J and S, W and Benji
  • West Jet and the wonderful direct flight from Vancouver to Hamilton
  • time standing still

bordercollieCurious about:

  • What happens when it’s time to say good-bye to your best four-legged friend ever?
  • how to determine if a dog is in pain?



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