Posted by: bwoof | July 14, 2016

My wilderness ‘bookshelf’

My reading list and 'bookshelf'

My reading list and ‘bookshelf’

A techno detox is just what the doctor ordered and Massassauga Provincial Park for a five day canoe trip was the prescription. While there, we found a most amazing dead pine stump, full of knots and gnarls, with lots of evidence that it had found the cracks in solid rock sufficient enough to sustain life for untold years. Amazing.

We dragged it back to our favourite site and it became a display for the reading materials I had stuffed into my sac and subsequently portaged more than once. Their benefit far exceeded their weight and I don’t for a second begrudge the strain in my backpack. Learning through books, and in this case mostly magazines, is worthy work. Indeed!

Further, the gift of the June 24 edition of The Economist, pre-Brexit, was a gift from some unknown paddler before us. S/he had left it under a burnable log (another gift) as if to say, “I know you’ll now find time to read from cover to cover — enjoy this exquisite moment.”  Or perhaps s/he said, “Oh my…this magazine is far too heavy to portage all the way home, so I’ll leave it for the next unsuspecting but morally upright camper to do the deed for me.”

P1250480Either way, it was a gift.

Later…we burned the stump (not Discover, or Scientific American, or National Geographic, or The Economist, or Anne Fadiman’s book about re-reading — No indeed!) and watched it in fascination as it blazed under a waxing moon. Beautiful! In every way possible.

Grateful for:

  • #604, #34, #16, some of my favourite numbers
  • Wes, the best life-long paddler and camper ever!
  • wild blueberries (not enough to eat yet, but plenty enough to remind me that last year we saw bears eating in ‘our’ patch)
  • Jupiter, Mars, and Saturn who continue to dance through the night sky
  • Binoculars for star-gazing and bird-watching, particularly Ospreys who never cease to bring beauty to my lens
  • A dead stump burns

    A dead stump burns

    Fire (in fire pits)

Curious about:

  • Why can there be such peace out in the wilderness and simultaneously such chaos, pain, suffering, and violence? Awful news from Bastille Day in Nice met us as we left our paddle-powered-canoe and headed home in a motor vehicle with a radio and other technologies powered up.
  • Why did the water levels go so high this year and kill thousands of young white pine trees?
  • Is there someone who manages water in the Great Lakes?  Or do the levels just go up and down at the whim of Mother Nature?

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