Posted by: bwoof | July 12, 2016

Campsite ‘if’ question #1

P1250408While on our amazing wilderness canoe trip we started talking through a set of questions someone made up — all are on little cards and you get to ask another person a question, usually starting with an ‘if’, and then they can answer back to you. It’s quite an amazing way to get to know someone better, especially oneself.

But, not to be outdone, Wes had a couple questions of his own and I found them to be stretching, learning-centred, and quite difficult. But oh so good!

Q1: If you knew you had only two weeks to live, who would you want to speak with?  Family can’t know about your pending demise, so they can’t be included in this list.

A1: L—O—N—G pause….long…….

A1a:  First, I’d talk with Dale, my bestie university friend who couldn’t be more unlike me, but who couldn’t at the time be closer in spirit, heart, and mind. We live so far away now, not even in the same country, nor have we chatted in person for years, but I think that would change in a heartbeat. I would ask her about her life, her loves, her learnings.  Whatever she says I’m sure would be life-enriching and stretching.  I miss her, can see her on Facebook, but that would be such a lame way to talk.

A1b: Second, I’d talk with Pauline who may not even remember me. She was more than influential when I as a 14-year-old camper at Northwoods (Camp Mini-Yo-We) was in a study with her as the teacher. She was on to me…knew that I knew the code, the church-jargon, and she didn’t let me off the hook.  I recall reciting with significant aplomb all the ‘right’ answers, but deep down inside had a sinking feeling that it wasn’t real, wasn’t good enough. Pauline knew. And she keep pressing. And she kept questioning. I love her for that as it started a personal journey from which I’ve not strayed. She was the real thing. And I’d love to reconnect to say ‘thank you’ and to learn more from her.

A1c: Third, I would find a young woman, probably an emerging awesome educator, to share into. This is not to say that I have much to offer, but what I have I’d like to bequeath to someone to whom I could entrust a few secrets of life that I’ve learned along the way.  What older women invested in me, I would like to see re-invested in the next generation.

Grateful for:

  • Questions. Answers.
  • Dale, Pauline, Mandy, Candice, Catharine, Brittany, Sonya, Jen M, Mandy Mc, Melinda, Karen

Curious about:

  • Why do we never see Blue Heron babies? We see the adults all the time, but no little ones.



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