Posted by: bwoof | June 30, 2016

LOVE it. LOSE it. LONG for it.

I can’t say enough about how much I love being a part of public education. It’s the end of another year, and just the beginning of more learning.

Humbling. Overwhelming. Exhilarating. And even Scary at times.

A highlight from today and yesterday include our teacher-learners in community as they reflected on the year. They shared the things they LOVE and want to keep, the things they don’t love and want to LOSE, and the things they LONG for and would add to their wish lists. Powerful data to consider and help lead our way into the next school year.




Grateful for:

  • Melinda who stick-handled many logistics today so that I could focus on other things
  • a learning day that trended to positiveness and not grumpiness
  • ice cream and a summer playlist
  • gentle reminders to go back to the data pool when faced with difficult decisions…sometimes getting more perspectives makes all the difference

Curious about:

  • how one simple timetable proposed change, driven by student learning need, can disrupt my inner equilibrium
  • what motivates people to want to be in certain departments

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