Posted by: bwoof | June 29, 2016

OLF in practice

OLF IN PRACTICEWe have a lot of theoretical chatter, particularly about leadership. I like the theory, and even more I like the practical application of that theory.

PRAXIS makes a difference.

Today we explored the practical connections of the Ontario Leadership Framework (OLF) to our Heads and Assistant Head roles at school. What might it look like to purposefully set direction, for example?  Or to build relationships.

I’m more than excited about what the school leadership team will vision and accomplish next year!

imageGrateful for:

  • HWDSB – a great place for me to learn and grow
  • Jennie and her awesome cake-making which honoured Estella
  • Estella – a kind, professional, intelligent, other-centered wonderful educator.

Curious about:

  • What easy-to-remember focus will we have for next year?
  • school fees – to have them or not?
  • How can I support school leaders who are tired and trending to seeing lots of negatives right now? How might I help them remember how awesome they are and will be?

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