Posted by: bwoof | May 29, 2016

I could have been an astronaut

astronaut_bwToday I met an astronaut. She’s my age. With a child. Love’s learning. American. Interesting.

And I thought, what might have happened if I, too, had become and astronaut. What would life have been like? What would I still be learning? How would I adapt to zero-gravity? Would I be able to live on the International Space Station. Would I, too, be a good chief operator of the Canada Arm?

It’s fascinating to see how little twists and turns of life can lead us to unexpected places, even into orbits never dreamt of when we were born. Thank you, Catherine Coleman, for sharing your experiences from the ISS and the lessons you’ve brought back to earth.

Grateful for:

  • bluejayswinMEW and a wonderful invite to the Blue Jays game…in a box!
  • All the scientists and innovators who have graced my life with incredible wonder and practicality, and who have taken risks all along the way
  • All the people who planned today’s 2016 Innovation Nation event
  • Kirk Costello from NASA who makes uber-smart-sciencey-stuff easy to understand, including cool facts about the ISS

Curious about:

  • how to finish a timetable set up with excellence
  • how a son will lead a major conference with intelligence and competence
  • how to manage all the June events



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