Posted by: bwoof | May 15, 2016

TOGA – table of great achievement

TOGA - table of great achievementsWhen I hear Suzie talk about her Gr 6/7 students, I’m amazed at how much they demonstrate knowledge building and curiosity skills. In her classroom there’s a TOGA — a table of great achievement around which they post their ideas and then in the centre they white-board awesome learnings.  It was the students who named it TOGA! And even the Ministry film (in the picture to the right) crew were curious about the table.

I need such a table in my new office, at my new school, in my new learning space. Or maybe an awesome wall.

Grateful for:

  • Suzie and Kassandra and Mark — all of whom were incredible co-presenters of sorts at last week’s Thinking About Thinking event.
  • Sherwood SS and the new learnings I will have there for a time
  • Music and I can’t believe I’m actually admitting this, but I’m grateful for Apple streaming music. I’m enjoying playlists of many sorts, not the least of which my Leonard Bernstein classical besties playlist. Amazing!
  • Peter and Brenda who gave me a mini-prompt to answer a ‘call for presentation proposal’ for later this year. I’m getting more confident in writing these pieces.

Curious about:

  • bullying and why people, even people who might know better, persist. I’ll bet we are all somewhat blind to what we do and say
  • how to learn a new role really quickly and effectively
  • what is student engagement after all?  I’ve read 15 academic papers about the topic this past week and believe a definition is as elusive as the wind. Perhaps Tuesday’s class will give more direction.






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