Posted by: bwoof | April 17, 2016

Just one question

I use Twitter as one portion of my professional-learning-community (PLN) and often gravitate toward things written by Canadian educator George Couros (@gcouros).

Today he linked to a video in which people of many ages are asked one question, just one.

If you could be any age right now, which age would you be?

It’s a most provocating thought — and I am thinking how I might answer.  After many musings, I’ll choose the age I am right now. It’s OK to embrace the moment and all the learnings of the years past and the years to come.

billygrahamGrateful for:

  • a life that has been worth living
  • Billy Graham and his 1998 Ted Talk…possibly one of the best ever about technology.
  • Sonya and Richard, and Ray and Lynn, all retired folks with such a zest for life, hiking, pilgrimage, beauty, conversation, curiosity. I want to be like them.

Curious about:

  • still wondering….deeply…how my MRP will turn out. Will it turn out?
  • ALPHA tomorrow night and what we’ll talk about




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