Posted by: bwoof | April 13, 2016

New words for things I already believed

Today’s OPSOA/OPC Symposium with Michael Fullan and Carol Campbell offered a terrific way to consolidate some of the emerging themes and beliefs I’ve been experimenting with in recent months.

fullancampbellquotesFor example…

♦ Professional Learning takes practice and time. Fullan says we need 50 hours / 18 months for deep learning to talk place (with adults)

SIMPLEXITY is a great balancing word which honours the reality of a complex world and our longing to keep it simple. Thanks to Michael Fullan for this helpful term.

“Leadership from the middle” makes a difference, and the ‘middle’ can change depending on where I am.

Coherence is an important component of any good learning — is it authentically connected to what matters?

♦There is POWER in showing PROGRESS (as opposed to power when prescribing specificity)

21st Century Skills is an out-moded term. Replace it with Global Competencies

♦ “Be an expert and an apprentice at the same time”

♦ “Lead and Learn in equal measure”

♦ “Traditional schooling is boring; worse than boring is teaching the bored

♦ “Connected Autonomy

♦ “A fool with a tool is still a fool”

Grateful for:

  • the OISE library which still has stacks of books, some of which are very old and are the very ones I need to open and see
  • Go Transit — commuter trains are a blessing

Curious about:

  • How to help Ts avoid an us/them vocabulary at Friday’s PD day.
  • How the trustees function and what they value
  • What will our new Mission, Vision, Values be?

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