Posted by: bwoof | March 2, 2016

Robots robots robots…

Robot from the 2015 season

Robot from the 2015 season

In humble awe I watch our students create and build robots. The official Team 2056 is prepping for the competitive season and will enter several “Stronghold” competitions hosted by First Robotics. Words are inadequate to describe what happens at these varsity events.

And in other places some students are tinkering with VEX IQ robots and their teacher reports the following which celebrates LEARNING to the max!

  1. they wondered why the back wheel has a motor and the front wheel doesn’t. They stopped building and discussed it. Many wrong answers came up but one kid got it.
  2. we tested the base to make sure the wheels were attached probably. They weren’t. So the kids laboured on their own to get it right. They tested it again and it was doing “wheelies” they talked for some time why that was happening.
  3. vexrobotI have a gifted student trying to program the LED light. She tries and tries, but can’t do it the way she wants. She told me “this is challenging, usually I get things right away!” She keeps coming back on her time to do it.

For me, building it gives me that moment when the focus is on the task and the student’s learning. Time goes by so quickly. I don’t hear noise around me.

Grateful for:

  • students who remind me to be curious
  • Good Life Fitness and my Body Flow instructors
  • Snow Days

Curious about:

  • how to set up my ReWired session with elegance, ease, purpose and shazaammmm….so that all the participants go away with a terrific and profound interest in sketchnoting, aka Ink Your Think
  • how to use my new Notier stylii perfectly as I continue learning how to sketchnote. Notice that is has a little plastic circle thing on the end which, I presume, will help me somehow. I’m curious aout the ‘how’ part. rednotierstylus



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