Posted by: bwoof | February 26, 2016

Building a LEARNING Community

officefoodtruckYesterday we had an entire school day of Professional Learning…and ‘learning’ surely did happen.  I cannot describe the joy I have when people are together, collaborating and truly in a learning community.

It makes a huge difference to belong.

In reflection, here are the things that possibly contributed to the success:

  1. FOOD — lots of it, homemade, and all  brought in by the people participating in the day
  2. FUN — OK, who doesn’t like to have fun while learning. Aside from the ‘food trucks’ (including the real truck brought in by the tech dept), and the costumes, and the contests, we laughed a lot. It was like being at a great stand-up party minus the awkward and ill-conceived fake chatter.
  3. Fef26- techfoodtruckFRIENDSHIP — at one point in the day I literally stood at the back and just watched as people self-gathered into small conversation pits, then graciously moved into conversations with others, and then mingled with, well, just about everyone. Belonging matters!
  4. FEARLESS SHARING of ideas, tips, strategies, failures, successes, next best steps — Over a dozen teacher/leaders led us in uber-cool things they’ve learned in the classroom about how to improve student engagement and achievement. The power of this teacher-risktaking in front of their colleagues is beyond powerful…and so much more effective that the traditional administrator-death-by-Powerpoint-talk-at-people strategy.

Feb26 - learningmenuGrateful for:

  • Wendy, Eva, Mike, Chris, Andrew, Rob C, Heidi, Janet, Victoria, Ang, George, Mark C, Mark L, Emilia, Andrea, Chrystyna, Veronica and Joe B.   All of these incredible educators graciously and more than competently share their best with us. I feel blessed.
  • Dawn, Julian, Marco, Karen, Donna F, Donna L, and Gale who helped orchestrate the fine print and logistics for lots of our food
  • Crock-pots! Today we had ‘truck stop hash’ and ‘porridge’ which were all incredible and totally impossible without the wonders of slo-cookers.
  • All the OP Depts who pitched in and hosted the best-ever-food-truck-challenge.  I don’t recall having so many incredible food choices all in the same place and time.

Curious about:

  • What will we do on our next professional learning day, April 15th?
  • How might we someday translate (with evidence) all of this incredible learning into student achievement improvement?

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