Posted by: bwoof | January 17, 2016

‘I am wrong’

picnicsignThis week two TED talks ring true for me.

First, Kathryn Shulz speaks about “On Being Wrong”. She shares a couple of funny stories which illustrate how silly it is to think that we are right all the time.  She invites us to see the world not as it is, but as it isn’t. She notes that the feeling I have when I realize that I’m wrong is totally different from the feeling I have when I presume that I’m right. The oblivion of false rightness is actually just a cover for the fact that I often don’t know things. How true.

Kathryn encourages all of us to get things wrong and be OK with that. It’s not a function of us, nor is is a slame vs our character. It just is.

Second, Tim Hartford has a great talk about “How Messy Problems can Inspire Creativity”.  In this engaging conversation he explores what happened when a 17-yr-old teen made arrangements for the famed jazz pianist Keith Jarrett to play for an audience in the Koln Opera House, a never-before-accomplished coup of artistic genuis. Alas, the stage piano turned out to be a major dud, out of tune with sticky notes and a tinny sound from feltless keys. What was a horrid situation, surprisingly has a most unexpected ending. The recording of that almost fateful night has since become a best-selling jazz album, heralded around the world for ingenuity and intimacy of sound. I’m listening while plogging…feel inspired and uplifted.

Tim reminds us that what appears to be tragic can sometimes be magic.

Grateful for:

  • Surprising reminders about what’s important — this includes the Friday funeral for Tom Warren, a wonderful event as far a funerals go, at which we were all reminded about the importance of living and leaving a legacy. Wow!  Read Deuteronomy 11:18-23. Thanks, Tom, for being such a great example.
  • Learning about natural stone, engineered veneers, and fake stone that looks like real stone. I had no idea…no idea at all!  Nor did I realize there are many stone colours. And nor did I know that it would be so hard to choose a final selection from the shortlist of Sienna, Prestige or Natural ledgestone.

Curious about:

  • How we will solve a conflict between two people tomorrow?
  • How is it that I had never heard of Keith Jarrett until today? What else might I be missing?
  • Glenda’s trip to Malawi




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