Posted by: bwoof | January 14, 2016

Mac’s Classroom of the Future

TLEIn a recent Hamilton Spectator article I was reminded that how I learned as a kid is probably not the way learning ought to happen today. We sort of knew this already, but here’s perspective from another place:

McMaster University — Classroom of the Future

It reminds me of the HWDSB Transforming Learning Everywhere (TLE) document which a group of us looked at yesterday (again) in our ongoing unpacking of what 21st C learning really looks like and sounds like.


What’s even more exciting is the celebration of learning going on right now in our Cosmetology Lab. The work shown below represents hands-on, relevant, challenging, and creative expressions which cause students to be confidant and curious.



Grateful for:

  • Kristy and her capacity to help students extend their skills and interests
  • Public education — it’s easy to forget how powerful it is that in Canada we really do value public access to quality education
  • CAS and their capacity to stick at it during the tough stuff with kids. I have met some of the most amazing foster parents and can’t thank them enough for their tireless efforts.

Curious about:

  • Mendeley and LiquidText, both products/apps on my ipad that I’ve heard will help me annotate PDFs and keep me organized in grad school
  • what’s the process for getting an ESL translater (arabic specifically) for a student whose parents need to understand some disappointing news





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