Posted by: bwoof | January 8, 2016

I can draw!!!

In this my year of trying to learn how to be more visually communicative, I watched this Ted Talk by Graham Shaw (April 2015) and was astonished to learn that,yes, I can draw!


Really, it’s not hard and I’m pumped that I can learn so easily. Yes, that’s my art work above…and who knew I could actually produce these visuals in virtually no time at all

Curious about:

  • why do I often start with a deficit model which sounds like “Oh, I’m not good at _____”
  • What else might I be missing?
  • What confidence building strategies can I use with myself that might also be helpful for students?
  • What will the next First Robotics game be? The launch is live screamed tomorrow and then it’s ‘build season’ at Orchard Park and many other schools around the world. Exciting! Nerve wracking!

Grateful for:

  • People like …. Who make hard things easy..and approachable and actually not that scary at all
  • Judy and her art and her students…can’t believe how inspiring they are.
  • A wonderful team at home — we have our Christmas decor all taken down, put away, and cleaned up. Record time!



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