Posted by: bwoof | December 13, 2015

Join Shoulder to Shoulder

Profound words from 1967…equally compelling today!

Quote by Jim Reese, Founder of Christian Horizons, 1967

Quote by Jim Reese, Founder of Christian Horizons, 1967

This week our Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, and many others with him, welcomed Syrian refugees to their new Canadian home, standing shoulder to shoulder with many for what is good.

And 50 years ago Jim Reese wrote the words above as he imagined all of us one day welcoming the disabled into communities of belonging.  Thank you Dad! Your story is personal and powerful, and it makes sense right now.

Grateful for:

  • Canada!
  • Visionary people in my life who courageously stand shoulder to shoulder. They have been the best teachers ever.
  • Matt and Karen who were amazing Brock University drama students and who have, with many others, created the most amazing “It’s a Wonderful Life” show. And…to their professor Suzanne I say thank you for investing in young people. You have made such a difference.
  • a multitude of servers, bakers, actors, musicians, sound engineers, set constructors, directors, friends and family who all pulled together in a terrific show
  • communities of belonging, especially Compass Point

Curious about:

  • Will any students from Syria come to my school? How will we create a community of belonging with them?
  • What hope might be available for a friend in despair?



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