Posted by: bwoof | December 11, 2015


imageWhen this PLog (personal learning log, not a blog) first started back in 2009, I was uber-crazy-obsessed with making sure I posted a new learning every day.  It was a sort of conquest, perhaps.

Now I’m e-free and only plog when there’s time….to reflect, to think, to be intentional.  Whew! No pressure. Of course, that doesn’t mean the learning has stopped in the quiet times. Not at all.

Today I’m learning that grad school papers are time-consuming…which explains the recent paucity of plogs. But in the cracks of light between research topics, I’m reading the most powerful  book Wonder, by R.J. Palacio. They say it’s a kids’ book…and I agree and disagree.  Auggie Pullman, the central character with a beautiful spirit is someone to know and love and never forget.

Grateful for:

  • Carol Campbell, my research prof at OISE
  • Marco and Dawn
  • Karen and Karin and “It’s a Wonderful Life” stage production
  • Megabus and the $38 round trip NYC experience from last weekend

Curious about:

  • How will the TDSB look in 18 months once the new director, John Malloy has a chance to adapt the culture?
  • will the teachers and students in conversations this week grow to understand and appreciate each other even more





  1. This is certainly a wonderful novel! Last year, during grade 8 parent’s night, I encouraged the students to submit the title of their favorite book in exchange for a small prize. Wonder, by far, was the most popular and most loved books!

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