Posted by: bwoof | November 1, 2015

Road2Hope and Gambade Medical Team

Gambade team at Road2Hope Nov 1 2015A couple years ago I travelled to Haiti for a ‘learning trip”. What an understatement! I had no idea…no idea at all.

Fast forward to yesterday when I had a special day walking in the Road2Hope Hamilton Marathon and 5K and 10K runs. Here’s part of my team and it is this group of wonderful people with whom I share a vision for a medical clinic in Gambade, a remote and mountainous place where so many people are without care.

Grateful for:

  • Canada and (believe it or not) the fact that I get to pay taxes. Did you know that in Haiti there is so little infrastructure that people don’t have the things I consider basic — limited education, roads, hospitals, safety, clean water etc. I love paying taxes…and all the benefits our collective input into public coffers permits us/me to have

Curious about:

  • Will I ever be able to run a 1/2 Marathon?

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