Posted by: bwoof | October 31, 2015

VLogs as recommended by students

Some of the best and most unexpected insights come from students.

This week I learned from J and B that there is a world of Vloggers out there who, as it turns out, have fantastically interesting and skillfully created views on the world and every day life.

So, when I was supposed to be doing some boring professional duties (i.e., counting stats,  checking off H&S tasks, and updating notations re work done this week) I instead followed some hots tips from teenagers and was introduced to youtuber video geniuses (who also do this work for a living) :

Grateful for:

  • Time to get a different perspective about a couple of people — first impressions can, after all, be wrong
  • Road2Hope Marathon and 10K walk/run which I did today and enjoyed every moment

Curious about:

  • Why aren’t there any young (or older) women in the list of recommended vloggers noted above. Is it that notable female vloggers don’t exist, or is it that my recommendation team people just don’t know any (yet).
  • How on earth did a group of seven vLoggers manage this incredible Rickshaw Run by JacksGap across India. I must watch their adventures again!
  • How did this panorama picture get stitched together? I’m happy to be an OP Patriot on Halloween DayHalloween 2015

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