Posted by: bwoof | October 10, 2015

ArtPrize and my LearningPrize

It’s been a fantastic week in Grand Rapids, MI, where I had more than one profound learning experience.

First, the Advanced Cognitive Coaching session in Grand Rapids was incredibly helpful and practical…and did I mention humbling, too?  Just when you think you’ve got a practice well established into working memory, something else comes up that stretches one’s stance as a coach, a mediator of thinking.  It’s the best learning I’ve had in long time and I highly recommend the entire body of work at Thinking Collaborative.

An example of Judith Braun's amazing work. Source:

An example of Judith Braun’s amazing work. She’s the artist I spoke with at ArtPrize. Source:

Second, Grand Rapids goes crazy on ART for 18 days. And I just happened to get lost downtown more than once and just happened to wander through countless incredible art venues, both formal settings like galleries and museums, and surprising venues like coffee shops, hotel lobbies and parking lots. The winning ArtPrize entries (and so many others) are inspiring and even transcendent. It’s a deeply human process to experience art and I come away blessed by the beauty and creativity.

Finally, Grand Rapids is a wee bit special to me.  It’s the place where not so long ago I was born, and this visit was the first time I’ve been back to the very spot where the world welcomed me in 19xx.  I also found my first home and in both locations felt a profound sense of gratefulness for my roots, even though they were oh so brief in this special place.

My Learning Prize is a combination of all of the above.

Grateful for:

  • Jane, Mary, Char, Jen, Julie, Tammy, Laura and others who graciously contributed to my learning, and who also modelled for me the most elegant coaching strategies
  • beautiful Fall colours on the 5-hour drive home — nature ART at its finest!
  • inspiration from wonderful artists including Judith Braun with whom I chatted about her huge charcoal-only-finger-painted beautiful work

Curious about:

  • Appreciative Inquiry (a possible next-generation PLT option?)
  • Charlotte Danielson and the relationship between her work, that of Cognitive Coaching, and possible connections to much better TPAs (teacher evaluations/performance appraisals)

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