Posted by: bwoof | September 4, 2015

School — a place of leisure

Bow Lake R&R

Bow Lake R&R

After a beautiful summer of ‘off-grid’ relaxation, I’m back at school. Or, am I just continuing ‘school’ as per the Greek model?

In the following online dictionary definition [highlights mine] learning is not work, but rather a respite from work. How interesting!

“place of instruction,” Old English scol, from Latin scholaintermission of work, leisure for learning; learned conversation, debate; lecture; meeting place for teachers and students, place of instruction; disciples of a teacher, body of followers, sect,” from Greek skholespare time, leisure, rest ease; idleness; that in which leisure is employed; learned discussion;” also “a place for lectures, school;

I’m looking forward to a year of ‘leisure’.

Grateful for:

  • a summer of exploration and discovery — that’s what a cross-country road trip will do for you. Amazing!
  • a great admin and office team who have landed the school year with calmness, organization, and purpose
  • confidence that even in the tough times there is hope

Curious about:

  • how to make O365, OneNote, Google Drive, D2L (Hub) and other tools all work well — I’m hoping to establish better best practices
  • how to use my iPad for sketching and visual note-making

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