Posted by: bwoof | August 13, 2015

Reflections after six weeks off-grid

The past six weeks have been wonderfully free from online distraction. In fact, my children in unprompted conversations noted that I’ve never been so ‘present’. They thanked me! I didn’t know if it meant I’d been busted for previous continuous partial attention or if it was a blessing to be in focussed attention.

Either way…I was offline and am now back with renewed commitment to be ‘on’ for the important things in life.

Of the many things notable about this summer there are two major themes: people and nature. Both are incredibly special and both were present on our cross-country road trip, a canoe trip to Massassauga, and two weeks of staycation with pre-schoolers. Wow!

I learned much from:

  • endless fields of sunflowers all facing east
  • aboriginal pride in northern Montana
  • National Parks and the courage of forward thinking people who preserved lands for public treasures
  • forest fires that blocked our access
  • drought in the west and how to use every last drop of grey water
  • car picnics
  • weddings and family dinners
  • family members, all of whom are different, beautiful, and interesting!
  • seaside sunsets
  • soaring eagles, lumbering bears, and fleet-footed mountain goats
  • views, vistas, and villas

After three weeks and 5000+ km (see below) I remain grateful and curious.

Vertical Road trip map - July August 2015Grateful for:

  • so much!!! so very much!
  • my 81-years-young parents and their capacity to travel well, learn well, and live well
  • amazing sights and sounds across USA and Canada — no need to go elsewhere to see beauty and be moved
  • family fun times…oh so fun!

Curious about:

  • how to look our for our environment and the beautiful nature areas I saw
  • farmers — such interesting people and such a passion for connection to growth, the land and goodness
  • when I’ll have more chances to travel and see things up close

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