Posted by: bwoof | June 26, 2015

Grateful — end of school year

gratefulToday is the last day of the school year…and while I have learned much, I’m even more convinced that every lesson contributes to my huge bucket of gratefulness. Thank you!

Grateful for:

  • Marco and Dawn — the best ever admins for whom I have so much respect and awe at the skills and integrity they offer
  • Donna (x2), Karen, Gale, and Virginia — these are the people who keep us organized and on track, wonderful organizers without whom I would lose my way every day!
  • OP staff — a wonderfully diverse group of educators who are oh so teachable and eager to try new things
  • Peter — the best question-guy ever whose ‘thought experiments’ with our admin team have prompted me to stretch my leadership learning
  • HWDSB — a terrific learning organization in which I have been equipped and encouraged to grow, take risks, and be curious
  • Students — the people who keep me grounded and hopeful about the next generation of leader-learners

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