Posted by: bwoof | June 18, 2015

What I want to learn next….SketchNotes

For a while I’ve been very curious about visual resumes, infographics and now SketchNotes.

In an ideal world, by September 2015 I will have made my first revamped resume, one infographic that I’ll use at my next PLT, and one SketchNote summary of a class or lecture or sermon.

In the meantime, I’m motivated by this site with wonderful inspirations from Sylvia Duckworth:

sketchnotes1 sketchnotes2 sketchnotes3 sketchnotes4

Grateful for:

  • Darlene and Judy  and their purposeful resolve
  • Raj, Scott, Mike and Heidi for their incredible story-telling, video, sound and pre-work on a maybe-will-happen-documentary
  • David and all the DD staff who made an incredible video with student stars — I went to the ‘world premiere’ today

Curious about:

  • why students plagiarize — what are the conditions that precede the action?
  • will I make my goals in the visual representation zone as noted above?




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