Posted by: bwoof | June 8, 2015

Integrated thinking and children’s mental health

amaryllisHeidi is an accomplished cultivator of thinking with her Gr 6 class and with many of her colleagues, me included. My learning today cannot be better articulated than the following  selection from Heidi’s recent post. The entire entry is worth many re-reads and her website, a.k.a. Amaryllis, is worth of a deep-dive.

[I say this after having spent an entire afternoon with yet another young person whose anxiety prevented even an approach to the school door, to say nothing of actually going to class  — anxiety does seem to be epidemic.]

“What Integrative Thinking offers is a stance or attitude toward complexity; a set of  thinking tools and strategies that help make thinking explicit; and a process for finding innovative solutions to challenging problems. Students learn they are capable of solving really challenging problems by using the tools and strategies to solve really challenging problems.  They become equipped and I think this ‘equipping’ might be part of a solution to the epidemic of anxiety that children are showing.”


thinkcollaborativeGrateful for:

Curious about:

  • ADHD and how one small child’s situation can so totally consume the attention of so many adults, all in one place
  • Why does my summer school class on holistic technology seem so old-fashioned and irrelevant?

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