Posted by: bwoof | June 6, 2015

At the point of praxis…

In my recent Ethics course at OISE we talked about the distance between theory and practice. It’s easy to sanitize our theories and pontificate about the pros and cons of this or that while in the relative safety of the academy.

My own experience, however, is that I am rarely at the academy, both literally and figuratively. For me, the issue is not an either/or, but the yes/and. How can I continue learning and stretching my understanding while simultaneously working in a school with real live teenagers and staff and parents, all at the same time.

PRAXIS – the intersection of both theory and practice.

A current powerful example of this comes through my Twitter feed via NYTimes journalist Nicholas Kristof. This article, Heroin Doesn’t Have to Be a Killer, and the trail via his current ‘win-a-trip-with-Kristof-young-journalist program’, My First Time in a Strip Club,  illustrates what I’m talking about.

Both writers wrestle with policy and theory, yet find a way to connect with people on the street. Their collective learning, and then mine and ours in an extended way, is powerful.

intothebluegalaGrateful for:

  • Pamela and her entire team who organized last night’s awesome “Into the Blue” Gala for Drummond House
  • Ross Drummond whose generosity makes it possible for women and children to have a home, a beautiful Victorian home in an apple orchard
  • Deb and her ten years of visionary leadership at Drummond House
  • Deani whose transition from education to economics studies models what it’s like to have an open mind, one that is strong enough to embrace fields of study that some find incompatible

Curious about:

  • The Fraser Institute — on what metrics do they assess schools and are those metrics meaningful?
  • Cardus
  • On what topic will I write my final ethics paper. More specifically, will I get it completed in time?

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