Posted by: bwoof | June 5, 2015

Balancing Rocks

Today I’m inspired by Michael Grab, a ‘rock balancer’ who somehow knows how to find that incredible sweet spot between balance and a tipping point.  His ‘art’ is a metaphor for how challenging and beautiful daily life can be — and he models what it looks like to work at this fine balance.

Here’s a short video about what he does;

And here are a few pictures from his website and blog that features his work:



balancingrocks1Grateful for:

  • Hannah who told me her story and understands why kids sometimes do strange things
  • Music students who care about each other and have ‘family’ — their OP concert last night was wonderfully engaging

chicks1stfeedingafterbandingCurious about:

  • Where is my son today? Vietnam? Cambodia? The travel bug is alive and well in my family.
  • McMaster and Barton, our newly named and banded female Hamilton Peregrine chicks — what will become of them? Will they someday have chicks of their own? Here they are having their first meal post-banding. Wow, are they ever growing fast.

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