Posted by: bwoof | June 3, 2015

How to break a [bad] tradition

Today I observed young people work out some long-standing differences.

It turns out that over time some conversations had degraded to rude, insulting and sexist in nature, but the slow decline was imperceptible at first. And that’s how it didn’t get stopped early on.  No one noticed. No one stood up. No one resisted.

To repeat a recent theme, once again the power of Restorative Justice [a.k.a. Restorative Practices] makes all the difference in the world.

I’m happy to report that resolution and restoration was made available today…and every person in the story claimed a little victory by choosing Forgive and Forget instead of Revenge and Regret. This gives me hope…and helps me want to keep learning how to expand and develop my RJ craft.

falconchicksandparentsJune32015Grateful for:

  • the three people I know whose revamped resumes helped get them new positions — so very proud of them all
  • our wonderful office staff who respond with such grace, flexibility and focus on what’s good for students
  • The two Hamilton Peregrine chicks who seem to be growing noticeably every day. Their parents, as seen in this photo, are present and also very keen to prepare dinner (a.k.a. hapless pigeon probably)
  • A great Skype visit with J, all the way from Vietnam.

Curious about:

  • The Hadron Collider which fired up to full power today after a really long time offline. The $150 million invested in this latest repair will hopefully make a difference.

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