Posted by: bwoof | June 2, 2015

Leadership may be in finding the opposite

quotable quotes from plt croppedAt my most recent PLT we reviewed some of the key learnings that are rising to top of our collective list. Of the five items listed here, the last one about OPPOSITES has me most intrigued (see the 5th point).

It’s really easy to flock to like-minded folks, people with whom I already have a tacit understanding about the meaning of life (school included), more or less.  But to be honest, this year I’ve learned the most ever from people who are wonderfully different from me. Seriously, it’s been the best ever opportunity to feel the stretch and love the learning.

And then tonight, I read yet another George Couros (@gcouros) blog and it pretty well sums up what I wish I could have said.  It’s worth your time to read his blog about Cloned Leadership:

Grateful for:

  • Happy Birthday people who are incredibly special; and for family who love to celebrate; and for the Golf Restaurant in Kitchener
  • The Youngs who are prepping for Thursday’s music concert
  • Mr. Sketch markers, pastels and chart paper. Love this stuff!mrsketch

Curious about:

  • How I will use my learning with the Math Faciliator to upgrade an assignment
  • The Truth and Reconciliation Commission Report which just came out today. I’m stunned by the awful details, and truly hope that the ‘reconciliation’ part gets traction.



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