Posted by: bwoof | May 28, 2015

Coopertition and Gracious Professionalism

imageIf you’ve never seen a FIRST Robotics competition then you’re missing the World Cup of genius, the Stanley Cup of teamwork, and the SuperBowl of innovation.

My school’s  Team 2056 recently went all the way to the Einstein match at the World Robotics Competition, and only after extending their winning streak of 22 assorted Regional competitions over the last few years. Incredible.

At tonight’s season wrap-up dinner and celebration, the students taught me two new words:

Coopertition: this is the act of collaborating with your competition for the betterment of all, even at a World event.

Gracious Professionalism: the state of cheering for and encouraging all your competitors who have so diligently, like yourself, contributed to the common good by inventing, building, trouble-shooting and engineering in all the most profound ways.

Thank you Team FRC 2056!  So very proud of you and your teachers, mentors, parent, and sponsors.

Grateful for:

  • students who teach me new things all the time, every day
  • Mr. Hunter who is an incredible teacher, coach and mentor

Curious about:

  • My PLT — What can I learn? What should I learn? Why am I still confused? Looking foward to clarity.

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