Posted by: bwoof | May 16, 2015

Ossie and Lilly are parents!

IMG_2749Today my big learning has to do with becoming skilled in identifying by sight Ossie and Lily, Hamilton, Ontario’s first-time Peregrine Parents. And in a few short weeks I hope to know by sight their chick(s) who were possibly born yesterday and today.

As I write, I can see via the webcam that there is at least one chick, probably more. The nest location 18 floors high on the Sheraton Hotel blocks a full view from the camera, but just moments ago I saw Lily feed a little one (see photo above). Incredible! People who know my interest in peregrines may also know that long-time previous nest-owners, Surge and Madame X, have perished or disappeared. The cycle of life keeps going, and it’s a come-back story from years of DDT and a near-miss extinction story.

IMG_2751Back to my learning… it’s easy to see in close-up pictures that Lily is the parent with a bright green band over a black one, both on her left leg (see the second photo). It also looks like she has something purple on her right leg. So far, I’m not skilled enough to notice facial differences between Ossie (he’s probably off hunting pigeons for dinner at the moment) and Lily (who remains at the nest). In due time, and with a good pair of binoculars, they’ll become my new friends, the ones who remind me that in spite of lots of awful things in the world today, there’s hope and new life and lots to love.

I now have my browser perpetually set to .

Grateful for:

  • Technology that allows me to see a miracle in real time; and for wonderful Hamilton bird-watchers and all-too-cool-and-knowledgable Hamiltonians who care about their city, their environment and the creatures that live here. Note:  the photos above are courtesy of the FalconCam #1
  • The Ancaster Horticulture Society who today held a parking lot plant sale of the best-of-the-best from their gardens. It’s such a gift to hear gardeners speak so carefully of the living things they brought to share with others, perennials, shrubs and flowers that they dug up, divided, re-potted and then brought to the sale so early in the morning.

Curious about:

  • Please please please….tell me how my many peregrine chicks are there? Are all the eggs hatched? How many eggs did we start with?
  • What route across Canada/USA shall we take this summer in a major road trip? We’re meeting tomorrow with our co-travellers to hatch a plan and I can’t wait to explore the possibilities.

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