Posted by: bwoof | May 8, 2015

Hamilton – NuSteel Town

Hamilton, Ontario is sometimes (erroneously) known for its steel mill smokestacks beside a filthy harbour with industrial brown haze blocking clear sight and sunlight.

imageI’m happy to report that myths, although hard to dispel, are dying in Hamilton and birthing new realities. Of the many examples, here are a few:

  • NuSteel – an alternate high school program which provides teens with art, business and hope options.
  • Mimi Shaw, Jacob Moon and BrYan Sorensen – all Hamilton musicians who are making headlines
  • New eateries and music venues including 541 Barton and the The Mills Hardware where I heard the aforementioned Mimi and The Vaudevillian this evening.
  • House prices — on a big uptick with renewed interest in previously well-known working class modest neaighbourhoods. Chic is not cheap.
  • Social bicycles to share are here!
  • And, of course, my favourite peregrines Ossy and Lily who are incubating an unknown number of eggs. We are hoping for chicks within the next few days.

Grateful for:

  • WestJet, my fav Hamilton-Abbotsford transport team which connects me with my loved ones
  • A hallway chat with a teacher who is totally transformed and excited about Inquiry Learning in Science class — such an encouraging and inspiring classroom

Curious about:

  • How NuSteel will help a teen I know

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