Posted by: bwoof | April 30, 2015

Pedagogy of Freedom

Pedagogy of Freedom book coverIn my grad class at OISE I’m required to read Pedagogy of Freedom by Paulo Freire who, as it turns out, is well known to many, but is also new to me. So, I’m reading with interest and have learned that he very well may be the catalyst for education philosophies that I thought were more or less self-evident (although not so easily practiced).

Here are a few quotable quotes from the Forward, Introduction and Chapter 1:

Objectivity always contains within it a dimension of subjectivity; thus is it dialectial.

The insidious nature of ideology is its ability to make itself invisible.

What empirical studies often neglect to point out is how easily statistics can be manipulated to take away the human face…

Educators who refuse to transform the ugliness of human misery, social injustices, and inequalities, invariably become educators for domestication who….will change nothing and will serve no one but, will succeed only in finding moral comfort in malaise.

…horror show of political correctness…

Education takes place when there are two learners who occupy somewhat different spaces in ongoing dialogue…rejects the idea of teacher as transmitter of knowledge.

People are conditioned but not determined by their circumstances

…The active knower, not the mind as a repository of ‘information’ is the goal of education.

I may note agree…[but] I ought to make my student aware of the disagreement.

The future is problematic and not already decided, fatalistically.

Grateful for:

  • My admin team who are supportive, patient and let me be creative
  • The teachers I work with who are truly engaged in bettering their practice – they are curious and are taking more risks
  • Jo who prepped my new computer with excellence, efficiency and elegance.
  • My twitter mavens who constantly offer thoughtful and provoking thoughts: @CDumitru  @MsCorrigan @HSiwack  @M_lula

Curious about:

  • A student who needs a home — what will happen to him?
  • Oppositional Defiance Disorder – how does it happen, why is it so real, and what could be done to mitigate the negative effects it has on many?

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