Posted by: bwoof | April 18, 2015

Learning today @edcampham

As I write I’m at an unconference, @edcampham. Today’s plog is an ongoing collection of things intereseting people suggested:


  • learn Scratch
  • Read Mindstorms *Seymore Papper* who is the grandfather of educational computing and was a colleague of Jean Piaget says Peter Skillen
  • learn
  • How does the school day structure perpetuate problems?
  • Should we be looking for ‘inquiry-based lesson plans”
  • Read “Surpassing Ourselves”


  • learn about the Singapore model and the Finnish model
  • Use Voxxer as an option for a school staff meeting or Professional Learning session
  • Use Google Hangouts for a similar purpose
  • Ask staff “How would you like to opt-in?”

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