Posted by: bwoof | April 12, 2015

True story — 70 year old shoplifter reforms

Today I met an incredible woman — I’ll call her Paula — and she shared her story with a large group of people who, like me, were stunned.

Paula recounted her childhood, a time frame marked by sexual abuse from an unnamed perpetrator. Somehow she survived by keeping quiet. But then in adolescence three perps found her–and the horrors started all over.

imagePaula suffered quietly for years and kept these things to herself. She says she had no one with whom to share, nor would anyone believe her or affirm her side of the story. By her own admission she started making bad adulthood choices, decisions that eventually transformed into chronic (and highly successful) shoplifting. It gave her a thrill, a sense of power. But, by the end of her 60s her game was up.

Arrested! Convicted! Incarcerated!

So, at imageage 70 she spent seven months at Varnier, a prison for women. And it was this lockdown stay that, she says, saved her life.

While there she overheard some people talking about Celebrate Recovery. And so, when she was released last summer she hunted for a local group, found one, and the rest is history.

Today Paula testified to the power of restoration and redemption. She is full of hope and after hearing her story I was reminded that one is never too old to change. What seems impossible can become possible.

Paula took so many risks today…and how has the rewards, including respect from many of us.

I had NO idea that a 70-year-old woman could make such a difference.

Grateful for:

  • Stories of hope
  • Jennifer who, while I was talking with Paula, came up to say she’d also been to Celebrate Recovery and had a life-changing experience
  • Paul Eastwood and his Hope message today

Curious about:

  • GAFE in K-W — wish I could have been there to learn more
  • EdCampHamilton that will happen next Saturday

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