Posted by: bwoof | March 20, 2015

Art, opera and conversation around the table at 541

Source: Hamilton Spectator

Robert in his home-based studio and gallery.   Source:Hamilton Spectator


Today I learned from Glenna, Herman and Robert who, by their own descriptions, are retired older folks with a passion for the arts. I met them around the big table at 541 Eatery and Exchange on Barton Street.  We happened to sit together and found ourselves in community.

Glenna is a dancer, choreographer and artist in her own way. She spent many years at CBC and was the lead choreographer for the long-running Wayne and Schuster show.

Herman is an opera singer and professional photographer who loves Bach. He thinks young kids should learn classical music, preferably on the piano or violin.

Robert is an artist ( and crafter of original tables and benches formed from the weathered remains of old barns. He, too, is an opera singer who along with Glenna left Toronto to find studio space in Hamilton. Their collective story is amazing.

Kathy Renwald from the Hamilton Spectator wrote a great piece in 2013 which explains more about these incredible people.  Take a peek:

Grateful for:

  • 541 and the sense of belonging it offers…and for the awesome potato leek curry soup…and for Pam, Judy and Darlene
  • older wise people who model such a joy of life — specifically Robert, Glenna and Herman

Curious about:

  • J’s possible job opportunities
  • C’s probable health issues and concerns…too young for so many complications
  • How to find time to go see Robert’s gallery and explore his art



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