Posted by: bwoof | March 19, 2015

Collective genius and what it means for leaders

innovationToday I learned from Harvard Professor Linda Hill. In her brilliant September 2014 Tedx Cambridge talk she caused me to think about what leadership is, what it looks like, and how it might be changing. Of course, I wondered what it mean for me in my current role. Powerful! Worth a 17 minutes listen.

Quotable Quotes include:

Leadership is not about creating a vision and inspiring others to execute it

Unlearn our conventional notions of leadership.

Innovation is not about solo genius; it’s about collective genius.

At the heart of innovation is a paradox. You have to unleash the talent and passions of many people and also harness them into a work that is actually useful.

Allow people to share their slice of genius.

Innovations rarely get birthed full-blown.

Innovative organizations are communities have three capabilities 1) creative abrasion 2) creative  agility 3) creative resolution.

Innovative organizations amplify differences rather than minimize them.

Innovation rarely happens unless you have both curiosity and conflict.

Act your way to the future.

Experiments are about learning….Pilots are about being right.

Creative organizations don’t go along to get along — but they do allow for ‘both/and’ solutions.

Create the space where people are willing and able to do innovate problem solving.

Innovation takes a village.

Leadership is about creating a world in which people want to belong.

Hire people who argue with you.

Sometimes it’s best to be vague.

Unleash the power of the many by loosening the stranglehold of the few.

Leaders: Set the stage; don’t perform on it.

Grateful for:

  • Twitter and its capacity (surprisingly so!) to help me participate in professional learning.
  • March Break — a great time to regroup

ontarioleadershipframeworkCurious about:

  • How might the Ontario Leadership Framework researchers/authors/reviewers respond to Linda Hill’s TedTalk? I’m particularly curious about the ‘setting directions’ stance of the OLF in light of Linda’s suggestion that creating a vision might not be as important as we think


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