Posted by: bwoof | March 18, 2015

Drift, entropy and weeds…

I’m wondering deeply about something that seems (more and more) to be a tendency for individuals, families, teams, organizations (including schools, school boards, churches, charities and governments).

And…I’m wondering what might be done if the following three metaphoric examples are true. Is it a done deal that drift, entropy and weeds will happen?  How could I address these in education, particularly in my school, PLT and possibly even my District? I’m noticing how easy it is to drift away from our core purposes, or let things settle into entropic existence, or forget to cultivate a community of learning and learners.

At the same time, isn’t real learning somewhat organic and spontaneous, if not serendipitous? Can it be managed?

  1. P1210256DRIFT happens in the subtlest and easiest of ways. For example, if I’m in my canoe on a beautiful lake and I lean back, basking in the sunlight while my paddle straddles the gunwhales, I will for sure drift somewhere. It’s guaranteed, even on the calmest of days. On windy days I paddle intentionally against the billows to just stay put. No matter what, drift will happen if I don’t do something to offset this certainty.
  2. entropyENTROPY is a term I might have learned in a school science lecture somewhere. My unscientific memory of the concept suggests that systems move towards disorder rather than order. Energy is required to create or maintain order. Imperical evidence for this phenomena might include the state of my kitchen at times when I’m not interested in cleaning up after a meal, or the drawers in my desk after a crazy day at school, or the toy room after my kids have played all day.
  3. weedsWEEDS are those omnipresent visitors to my garden, those sprouts of peskiness that are guaranteed to come no matter what I do. And what I do then is pull, and hoe, and till and get rid of those weeds all in the hope that the things I planted intentionally will have a chance to grow and flourish.  I love gardens and know for sure that they don’t happen by accident.

Grateful for:

  • Ontario Health Care and how efficient it is to get services that once were hard to source
  • My health and for being deemed medically ‘boring’

Curious about:

  • Is there research out there that talks about drift, entropy and weeds in schools and school boards? I’d like to find that thinking quickly and then find the praxis…by next week!
  • Why did The Inconvenient Indian get dismissed from the Canada Reads bookshelf so quickly?




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