Posted by: bwoof | March 16, 2015

A new girl in town!

This PLog (Personal Learning Log) is named after the falcons who offer me a metaphor for learning and what I commit to as a professional educator.  You can read the full explanation here, if it’s of interest.

Lily1_cropThumbToday, once again, I’m reminded that life and nature have seasons of life (and death) and that I am a part of a world that often defies understanding but invites exploration. It’s intriguing for sure, especially since our wonderful naturalist friends in Hamilton have determined that Madame X (mate of the aforementioned and now deceased Surge) has been ousted by a new girl in town, Lily…and she is hanging out with Ossie, the new boy in town. They have taken over the 17+ year nest site high above the Sheraton Hotel. It’s as if they are saying,

“We claim this city for life! We will not be daunted by the threat of endangerment!  We will fly with hope and raise a family….in spite of all that things that could go wrong, or the dangers that you might think we see. Come see what we can do.”

Some folks might think this sentiment is a bit silly. Perhaps. But, I shall contend my point that we educators get our inspiration from a variety of places. I am humbled every day when I remember that our local falcons have kicked back and found a way to survive, just like so many of my students who come to school every day with a backdrop of challenges about which I have no personal understanding.

Educators need to always retain hope…high expectations…and an unshakeable belief that everyone can learn, not unlike the peregrines who remind me that they are born to fly.

Welcome Lily! Hello Ossie. Farewell Surge. And where are you Madame X?

Grateful for:

  • Muskoka, Ontario
  • Literature in general. And specifically, Canada Reads and the five incredible books being debated this week

Canada Reads

Curious about:

  • How long will the ice on Lake Muskoka last? I can see if from my R&R location window but don’t want to venture out to test its strength in person
  • Which book will be the ‘one’ book all of Canada should read? By Friday we’ll know the answer to this beautifully difficult question.



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