Posted by: bwoof | March 12, 2015

Music is Magic

imageToday at my school we experienced magic. It’s Juno Awards time in Canada and the entire music and recording arts industry is in town for the annual awards and celebration of Canadian awesomeness in musical arts.

LIGHTS and MusiCounts came to Orchard Park along with SiriusXM, Long & McQuade, TD Bank and CARAS.  And of course we had dignitaries from the City of Hamilton, HWDSB, The Spectator, CHCH, The Stoney Creek News, and a host of other guests whom I don’t wish to forget but may be doing so right now.

Perhaps the most important participants were the 600+ students and the OP Stage Band and vocalists fronted by the incredible students in two special classes who drummed and kept us clapping, dancing and singing while Mr. and Mrs. Young continued their 28-year inspiration going in the best style ever!

Music is Magic! Watch this Juno-produced video of our exciting day.

Grateful for:

  • LIGHTS who so graciously shared not only her music, story and time, but who honoured our students in the kindest of ways
  • SiriusXM And MusiCounts for investing in young people across Canada
  • Mr. and Mrs. Young whose legacy spans lives everywhere
  • Classical Kids recordings, all of which profoundly influenced my own children

Curious about:

  • Which Orchard Park students will be the first to create music from the $10 000 worth of new instruments unveiled today?
  • If these instruments could talk, what stories might they share about the students who were inspired by learning to make music at Orchard Park?
  • Who will win awards on Sunday night at the Junos?



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