Posted by: bwoof | March 4, 2015

Learning about learning…

FINDING OUR POPHow do I know if I’ve made impact?

Do we need to have people document their learning for others to see, or is it personal?

What about blogging? Is it personal or public?

In a PLT discussion we are wondering how we’d find evidence of learning and how we would avoid learning slippage.

I remembered that today I was driving a bit fast — I valued getting to the meeting on time, and safely. But I was also conscious that an officer could ticket me at any time….so I let up on the gas.

Now I’m wondering how surveillance possibility plays a role in my learning and doing. Do I need to know that the officer is possibly there? Would I be a legal driver if I knew there was no one checking? (not likely)  Would I continue to be a learner if no one was looking?  (yes!) Would an organization have a collective learning stance if there were no structures or check-ins? (doubtful)

Grateful for:

  • colleagues around the table who challenge my thinking, particularly PLT Facilitators
  • aspiring leaders, especially Dawn, Jamie, Rebakah, Veronica and Cheryl.

Curious about:

  • how do we keep collective learning moving forward while also celebrating the personal nature of authentic learning
  • what language could we use to replace “Problem of Practice?”

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