Posted by: bwoof | February 8, 2015

How to make toast….a wicked problem

Ted talks about making toastOf the many things I learned today, here’s my favourite. It’s a Ted Talk about about toast— but really it’s about what to do if you have a ‘wicked problem’.

I’m wrestling with several interesting challenges these days…all of them positive but wicked in their own rights. For example, how might I help our entire staff have a great LEARNING time on our next Professional Development Day? Or how could I contribute authentic learning and growing opportunities in my PLT (another learning team I’m part of)?

So, here’s How to Make Toast and I’m using it as a possible inspiration for the two situations mentioned above.

Grateful for:

  • Where My Feet May Fall” — good music this morning
  • Twitter and my @ friends who gave me great insight re one of my problems listed above
  • A student in-risk of not graduating who showcased evidence of his art smart learning, to everyone’s surprise. I’ll see him next as he crosses the stage at grad.
  • Dave and Mandy’s new video about the Haiti medical clinic project in Gambade where I visited and learned

Curious about:


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