Posted by: bwoof | January 29, 2015

A fresh look at Teacher Performance Appraisal processes

Friends and colleagues in my grad class or my Leadership 1 group or in my Principal Learning Team will know of my ongoing consternation with the inadequate Teacher Performance Appraisal (TPA) process in my province. It is an old-school model based on compliance with ill-defined metrics of teacher success that, sadly, have little to do with student success.

I’ve been looking for a change and today I learned that there may be help on the way.

First, it turns out that a lot people I met today at the Thinking Collaborative Symposium know about Charlotte  Danielson, a researcher/writer whose framework for teaching seems to be helpful.  She’s a welcome news flash to me.

Second, it’s as if the good folks at Cognitive Coaching knew that I’d already been thinking how wonderful it might be if genuine coaching and learning conversations could form the bulk of the TPA process. Indeed! Today I learned about ‘Calibrating Conversations’ and realize that a framework is now in place — all I need is to learn the protocol and then use it in practicum. Finally!  Such a hopeful new trend.

Curious About:

– why is there SO much urban sprawl in Denver suburbs?

– why is it that coal from Wyoming is the main fuel source for Colorado Springs?

Grateful For:

– The Presenter’s FieldGuide that I received today, courtesy of Carol and Carolee’s generosity. I have the e-copy but deep down inside longed for a traditional paper copy that I could mark up, touch, and dog-ear. Maybe I’m old-fashioned but here’s a shout-out to the value of paper books and their tactile allure.

– John, Mandy and Paula, my wonderful colleagues from Dawson Creek, BC and Calgary, AB, who inspire me with their commitment to Cognitive Coaching.

– Rebekah, Cheryl, Virginia, Jamie, and Dawn, my Leadership 1 co-learners, even via Skype. Also for Dave who looked after my team in my absence tonight.


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